Jon Kirkpatrick

Sales Associate

Zephyr Cove

Chase International Luxury Real Estate Zephyr Cove

About Jon Kirkpatrick

Innovative, resourceful and respected for his continued success in the real estate business, Jon Kirkpatrick has solidified his position as one of the industry’s finest Realtors® in the luxury home market. He’s a talented communicator with a demonstrated ability to gain trust and respect to form lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. “I maintain a close network of clients that provide my best referrals and have proven my ability to plan, prioritize and guide my clients to achieve their goals.” Jon is well known for his pioneering abilities to resolve any transaction: from negotiating the purchase of the highest priced home in Granite Bay, CA, to quaint vacation retreats throughout Lake Tahoe, Jon always ensures the final sale justifies his clients’ hearts, minds and budgets. His passion to please his clients with superior service is just the beginning of Jon’s dedication to the life that surrounds him. He was involved in FEMA’s reservist program as a Congressional Affairs Specialist, traveling to disaster affected sites and working with Congressional members during times of crisis. When he’s not helping others, Jon enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, cycling, cooking, and enjoying and collecting fine wines. Filled with integrity and fueled by his persistence to succeed on everyone’s behalf, Jon can be contacted through Chase International’s Zephyr Cove office.